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I always appreciate a good review. I also like the look of Wordery as a selling site – hopefully NOT owned by Amazon – which offers good prices and free shipping.


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A new Kindle edition of Prinny’s Taylor: The Life and Times of Louis Bazalgette (1750-1830) is now available at


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Many thanks to Catherine Curzon (aka Madame Gilflurt) for inviting me to guest on her famous blog-site.

The blog can be found at:


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An extract from the book – Prinny’s Taylor

The Times of 24 September reported a conversation overheard presumably by one of their reporters, between the Prince and his brother, the Duke of Clarence:
“William, your coat don’t fit you – it sits awkward about the shoulders – pray who is your Taylor”?
“I don’t know Brother – I think it sits well enough.”
To this the Prince said: “Let me send you my Taylor;”
The Duke replied: “Is he an Englishman – for I am ___, Brother, if ever I let a Frenchman draw a thread for me, when I can find a Briton that will do it.”
The Duke was not as enamoured of all things French as Prinny was, to put it mildly, and this indirect reference to Louis is quite characteristic. The only outfit that Louis’ accounts record that he made for the Duke of Clarence was on 27 January 1795 – ‘To making a blue cloth lapelled frock, black velvet coller, gilt buttons & all materials for the Duke of Clarence (own cloth)’. This was no doubt a gift from George to wear at the impending royal wedding.

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My book ‘Prinny’s Taylor: The life and times of Louis Bazalgette (1750-1830) is now available in paperback! You can find it on Amazon but it should eventually be available from other distributors.
In the UK:
In the USA:

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cover so far sample

Having been navigated through CreateSpace – a not unpleasant experience – Prinny’s Taylor passed the test as far as internal format and cover are concerned.  So now I’m waiting for the first printed draft copy.   Not very patiently either!

Above is the finished cover created by Margaret Anderson (front) and Sarah Jean Waldock (the rest).  The blurb on the back is missing because the final version is in .pdf and WordPress doesn’t seem to want me to upload in that format.

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What do you do if your book is not regarded by agents and publishers as ‘commercial’ enough for them to take a risk on?  You self-publish.  Everyone is doing it.  It’s a bit daunting at first of course.  However, I made a snap decision in March to get it out there as a Kindle version.  It’s pretty easy to do and costs nothing.  I’ve sold about 25 copies of the Kindle version.  It’s cheap and it has errors in it still but it’s a liberating experience and it gets your work noticed.  A few  reviews in Amazon and Goodreads will do no harm, as well as those kind souls who blog reviews, to whom I am very grateful – in particular Debbie Brown in English Historical Fiction Authors, Kathryn Kane in The Regency Redingote and Mike Rendell in Georgian Gentleman. If I hadn’t taken the plunge with the Kindle version I rather doubt that I would have embarked on the next hurdle – a hard copy version.  For this I persuaded Sarah Jean Waldock to help, since she knows the ropes, having published a dozen or so historical novels.  Sarah is doing the layout and between us we are quite close to having an acceptable text.  There are also extra appendices which are not in the Kindle version.   Then Sarah will design the back cover and we can then submit the book to CreateSpace.  Then there will be a proof copy and no doubt several iterations to correct previously-missed errors. I’m not sure how long all this will take, but it’s very exciting!

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