An extract from the book – Prinny’s Taylor

The Times of 24 September reported a conversation overheard presumably by one of their reporters, between the Prince and his brother, the Duke of Clarence:
“William, your coat don’t fit you – it sits awkward about the shoulders – pray who is your Taylor”?
“I don’t know Brother – I think it sits well enough.”
To this the Prince said: “Let me send you my Taylor;”
The Duke replied: “Is he an Englishman – for I am ___, Brother, if ever I let a Frenchman draw a thread for me, when I can find a Briton that will do it.”
The Duke was not as enamoured of all things French as Prinny was, to put it mildly, and this indirect reference to Louis is quite characteristic. The only outfit that Louis’ accounts record that he made for the Duke of Clarence was on 27 January 1795 – ‘To making a blue cloth lapelled frock, black velvet coller, gilt buttons & all materials for the Duke of Clarence (own cloth)’. This was no doubt a gift from George to wear at the impending royal wedding.

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  1. He was rather a bluff sailor man…

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