You can find a Kindle version of the book at:

If you would like to review it in a blog or elsewhere I can send you a complimentary copy if you send your email to

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3 Responses to KINDLE VERSION

  1. Hi, Charles! BIG congratulations!!! Had my first peep at the book (after hearing about it for so long); it looks GREAT. Will be buying my copy soon — and I don’t even own a Kindle (have their PC app, though).

    You must be so pleased.


  2. chasbaz says:

    Thank you for commenting! I haven’t see a bought copy yet. I have only seen one which I converted with KindleGen and that looked OK. The ‘Look Inside’ preview is all messed up format-wise so please let me know if the actual book is OK. If not, I shall have something to say to Amazon. All the best, Charles.

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