A report in The Times, of Saturday 27 January 1800 described a meeting of two hundred and thirty-four master tailors which had taken place on 22 December 1799 at the Freemason’s Tavern in Great Queen Street.  There was much agitation amongst the journeymen following the imposition of the Combination Act of that year, which prohibited workers from forming combinations (i.e., trade unions) to try to secure higher pay and better conditions.  The resolution appended the names and addresses of the master tailors who attended the meeting, so it is therefore a useful reference list.

At a General Meeting of Master Taylors on Monday evening last, Mr. Smith in the Chair,
1.  That it appears to this Meeting, that, notwithstanding the public invitations and admonitions given by the Masters to the Journeymen Taylors, the Leaders and Advisors of the Journeymen still continue their dangerous and alarming conspiracy, to deter those who, amongst their own body, are willing and desirous to return to their duty, and their respective employers
2.  That the advance of wages, now illegally demanded by the Journeymen of the Masters, is wholly out of their power to grant.
3.  That the facility with which the Journeymen obtained an advance of wages in the year 1795, and at former periods, has enduced them to form the present conspiracy, a conspiracy of a more alarming nature than the Public at large are probably aware of, and which has involved the Master Taylors in a very perilous situation, the journeymen having it in their contemplation to prosecute them for having, in compliance with their demands, given them for a number of years, more wages than by Act of Parliament is allowed.
4.  That it is the opinion of this meeting, that the Journeymen are extremely culpable by thus undeservedly distressing their Masters.  As the same Act of Parliament grants them liberty at all times, under any grievance, to apply to the Lord mayor and Court of Aldermen of the City of London, who have full power vested in them, by virtue of the same act, to raise and regulate their wages whenever the exigencies of the time may require, to which decision the masters will cheerfully submit.
5.  That inasmuch as the Journeymen are incorrigible, and do encourage and carry on their combinations in defiance of the law, to the great inconvenience of the public and stagnation of trade, the masters have, in consequence of their embarrassed situation, been obliged to apply to Parliament for relief.
6.  That it is the resolution of this Meeting, that the measures adopted should be persisted in, even if the Journeymen should agree to return to their work at the late wages.
7.  That it is the opinion of this Meeting, thay in order to destroy the combinations that exist among Journeymen Taylors, it is absolutely necessary to abolish public houses of call.
8.  That, in order to set a great example to all Master Taylors, as well as to inform the Public in general of the unanimous determination of this Meeting, that the Resolutions of this Meeting shall be published, with the name of every person present.
9.  That this Meeting do acknowledge, with the greatest gratitude, the kind indulgence they have experienced from the Nobility, Gentry and Public, in having suspended their orders, and they beg such further indulgencies as the existing circumstances may require.
10.  That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Chairman for his candid and impartial conduct.
By Order of the Meeting, J. Mullett, Secretary.

Adams and Baker, Southampton-street, Covent Garden
Allan, Thomas, Bond-street
Anderson, Alexander, Union-street, Bond-street
Arbuthnot, Jos., Crown-court
Armstrong,-, Margaret-street, Cavendish-square
Atkinson, George, Castle-street, Leicester-fields
Bagster, George, Beaufort-buildings
Balard, Charles, Maddox-street
Barber,-, Haymarket
Barker, thomas, Basinghall-street
Barnes, Jos., Gracechurch-street
Barnes, Thomas, Broad-street, Carnaby-market
Bayley Christoper, Bedfordbury
Bayne, William, Cornhill
Beatly,-, Strand
Bell, John, Bateman-buildings
Bell, Matthew, Marybone-street, St. James’s
Bichner, Otto, Soho-square
Binks, Christopher, King-street, Covent-garden
Bishop, Charles, Mount-street
Bower, Henry, Great Marlborough-street
Bowling, Nathaniel, Newcastle-court, Boswell-street
Brockleby and Co., 65, Margaret-street
Brown, George, Old Cavendish-street
Buck, Jarvis, 28, Arundel-street, Strand
Buckmaster, John, St. James’s-street
Burgh, Charles
Callow, William, Greville-street, Hatton-garden
Callow, Paul, Arundel-street
Cameron, Angers, Noble-street, Cheapside
Cameron, John, Great Marlborough-street
Camppin,-, Greenland-dock
Cartwright, Thomas, Grosvenor-street
Cecil, Thomas, Jewin-street, Aldgate
Cepheld, Davidm Greek-street, Soho
Chambers, William, Charlotte-street, Portland-place
Christie, Samuel, Poland-street
Clark, John, Pancras-lane, Cheapside
Coe and Carr, White Hart-court, Bishopsgate
Cook, Thomas, King-street, Holborn
Cook, Thomas, Tavistock-street
Copley, John, Bolt-court, Fleet-street
Corner, Henry, Maddox-street
Couttee,-, Green-walk
Coward, William, Haymarket
Cox, thomas, Leicester-place
Craven, William, Arundel-street
Creed, William, Finch-lane, Cornhill
Croft, Robert, Fleet-street
Cruett, John, Queen-street, Soho
Darley, Thomas, St. Michael’s-alley, Cornhill
Davies, John, Cork-street
Davison, Anthony, Craven-buildings, Drury-lane
Deane, William, Argyle-street
Delin, Benjamin, Portland-street
Deraad, Walter, Marlborough-street, St. James’s
Dietrichsen, Frederick, Rathbone-place
Dixon, Lindsey, Greek-street, Soho
Donaldson, John Staples-inn-buildings
Dunn, John, Bedford-street
Edward, Thomas, Hatton-garden
Edward, Joel, Greville-street, Hatton-garden
Edwards, T. and J., Broad-street, St. James’s
Elliott, James, Berwick-street, Soho
Elliott, William, Berwick-street, Soho
Emmott, William, Leicester-fields
Evans, Richard, 194, Oxford-street
Fancook, Charles, Jermyn-street
Farrant and Co., Bedford-street
Filby, Miles, Pilgrim-street, Ludgate-hill
Finke and Co., Mortimer-street
Fisher, Robert, Bedford-street
Fisher, Peter, Castle-street, Leicester-fields
Ford, John, Strand
Forsyth, Alexander, Vere-street
Fortell, Jos., Suffolk-street
Fox, George, Henrietta-street
Fraser, Duncan. Titchfield-street, Oxford-street
Gerath, Casper, Church-street, Soho
Gibbs, James, Rupert-street, Soho
Gibson, John, Wells-street, Oxford-street
Glover, Thomas, Berners-street, Oxford-street
Goff, Richard, Adam-street, Manchester-square
Gordon, Alexander, Church-street, Soho
Graham, John, Cook’s-court, Cary-street
Graham, William, Lothbury
Griffiths, Samuel, Old Boswell-court
Gwynne, David, Frith-street, Soho
Habberer, Poland-street
Hare, John, Little Stanhope-street, Mayfair
Hawkins, Thomas, Margaret-street
Hecking, Thomas, White Hart-court, Bishopsgate-street
Heron and Jones, South Molton-street
Heward, James, Chapel-court, Swallow-street
Hollier, Nicholson, Borough
Hood, James, Burlington-street
Horspool, Richard, Tavistock-street
Howell, John, King-street
Hunter, Thomas, Maddox-street
Hurd. Thomas, South-street
Inglish, James, Orange-street, Leicester-fields
Isaac, Thomas, Wimpole-street
Jackson, Thomas, Argyle-street
Jackson, James, Clement’s Inn
Jennings, William, Covent-garden
Jones. Rice, Carlton-place
Keene, William, South Audley-street
Kemp, George, Great Pulteney-street
Key, John, Freeschool-street, Horslydown
King and Thompson, Little Maddox-street
Kolbe, John, 18, Broad-street, Soho
Laffan and Shee, Welbeck-street
Lamas, James, 4, Chapel-street, Lamb’s Conduit-street
Lane, Richard, Charing-cross
Lanman, John, Hanover-street
Leverick, William, White’s-alley, Chancery-lane
Lister, Richard, Little Stanhope-street, Mayfair
Little, Robert, 12, Garlick-hill
Lloyd, William, Beaufort-buildings
Logan, Samuel, South Molton-street
Lucas, Stephen, Greek-street, Soho
Lyne, George, Cecil-street, Strand
Mallam, Thomas, Shepherd-street, Mayfair
Matlers, William, Boyle-street
McCallan, Beaufort-buildings
McCarthy, Margaret-street, Cavendish-square
McKellar, Duncan, Cecil-street
McKenzie, Alexander, 4, Oxenden-street
McRonald, Alexander, Crown-street, Westminster
Meek, John, 17, Prince’s-street, Bank
Meesk, Henry, Edward-street, Portland-place
Meyer and Co., 25, Mortimer-street
Micheson, Thomas, 10, Salisbury-street, Strand
Micklam, James, Wells-street, Oxford-street
Middleton, St. James’s-street
Millar, John, Store-street
Milna, James, Grosvenor-street
Monkhouse, Thomas, Jermyn-street
Morrison, George, Parliament-street
Morse, William, Conduit-street
Moss, John, East-street, Red Lion-square
Nash, John, Salisbury-court, Fleet-street
Neil, Felix, Prince’s-street, Hanover-square
Neupert, J. G., Poland-street, St. James’s
Newman, Henry, Norfolk-street
Nix, James, Strand
Oliver, John, Warwick-street, Charing-cross
Onion, John, Essex-street
Orier, Thomas, Poland-street
Otley, Bond-street
Otto, Frederick, Berners-street, Oxford-street
Owen, Owen, Bond-street
Owen, David, Norfolk-street
Parkinson, James, Hatton-garden
Pearce, Sampson, Silver-street, Golden-square
Pearce, -, Greek-street, Soho
Penny, Stephen, King-street, Golden-square
Pepperill, Daniel, Featherstone-buildings
Philip, Robert, 52, Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell
Plagenberg, Mary-le-bonne-street
Pool, John, 30, Camomile-street
Popjoy, James, Water-lane, Blackfriars
Powell, James, 12, London-wall
Prosser, John, Strand
Pugh, William, 54, Berwick-street, Soho
Rait, James, 83, Minories
Rayner, Joseph, 81, Jermyn-street
Regnier, John, Leicester-fields
Rentz, Christopher, Great Pulteney-street
Ring, John, Borough
Robertson, David, Devonshire-street, Bishopsgate-street
Robertson, James, Whitechapel-road
Robertson, William, Duke-street, Portland-place
Ross, William, Broad-street, Carnaby-market
Russell, John, Blackfriar’s-road
Sanders and Greece, Newport-street, Soho
Scarfe and Willis, Fleet-street
Schweitzer and Davison, Cork-street
Scott, Henry, Jermyn-street
Scott, Thomas, Kirby-street, Hatton-garden
Scott, Robert, Arundel-street, Strand
Sedgley, T., Bond-street
Shepherd, Thomas, Grosvenor-street
Sheriff, Alexander, Newman-street
Shur, George, Wells-street, Oxford-street
Simms, William, King-street, Soho
Sizeland, John, Wimpole-street
Slater, Samuel, Surry-street, Strand
Smith, S., Litchfield-street, Soho
Smith, John, Craven-street, Strand
Smith, F., Prince’s-street, Hanover-square
Sohaar, Charles, Great Pulteney-street
Somerville, William, Green-court, Cary-street
Soranson, Christopher, Newman-street, Soho
Staples, John, Hollis-street, Clare-market
Starck, Alexander, Buckingham-street
Stephen, William, Warwick-street, Charing-cross
Strachan, William, Oxendon-street
Stratton, Francis, Queen-square, Aldersgate-street
Strickland. Samuel, St. Martin’s-lane, Leicester-fields
Stuart, John, Finch-lane
Taylor, John, 35, Bow-lane
Taylor, Thomas, Green-street, Leicester-fields
Taylor, Throgmorton-street
Tempany, William, High-street, Marylebone
Thomas, John, Devereux-court
Thompson, James, Adam-street, Manchester-square
Thompson, Peter, Frith-street, Soho
Thompson, Joseph, Cloysters
Toon, Daniel, Crown-street, Westminster
Trail, John, James-street, Golden-square
Twentyman, William, Davies-street, Grosvenor-square
Usher, John, Featherstone-buildings
Vantandaloe, Thomas, Great Titchfield-street
Vernon, -, Charing-cross
Vigurs, John, Southampton-street, Covent-garden
Wallace, David, Bridge-street, Westminster
Watkins, Robert, Mount-street
Welker, -, Warwick-street, St. James’s
West, Joseph,Charles-street, Covent-garden
Weston, John, Featherstone-buildings
Wettig, Frederick, Duke-street, Portland-place
Weyrick, Henry, Berwick-street, Soho
Williams, Peter, George-street, Foster-lane
Williams, Richard, Philip-lane, London-wall
Wilson, Thomas, Store-street
Wilson, Samuel, East-street, Red Lion-square
Windlier, John and Henry, Rathbone-place
Winter, Sim., Bury-street, St. James’s
Wood, George, Pall-mall
Wright, Robert, Cary-street
Wynn, William, Staples-inn-buildings
Young, Charles, Vine-street, St. James’s
Young, Charles, Beaufort-buildings

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  1. Great resource! thank you

  2. Charles Bazalgette says:

    Looks pretty comprehensive. Prinny’s later tailors like Schweitzers, Meyer and Weston are all there. Also Thomas Shepherd, who took over the Grosvenor Street premises and business from Louis. There is even a William Twentyman, who is probably a relative of mine.

  3. nicholasstorey says:

    Absolutely fascinating information.

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