My apologies for the lack of new blogs.

In the small time that I have to devote to the book I am going through the tedious task of trying to assimilate the data from the tailoring accounts into the existing text.  This is not an easy job.  Including details of clothes that Prinny ordered and trying to associate these orders with events when he wore them requires a great deal of research.  In the interim, the descriptions of clothes read more and more like a laundry list and this seriously affects the readability.

Having decided anyway to incorporate descriptions of what are hopefully the more interesting outfits it will then be a matter of doing extensive searches of old newspapers and periodicals to try to put these outfits into their proper context.

The Lady’s Magazine is a useful resource because it describes a grand occasion such as the King’s birthday and details what the women wore.  It sometimes does the same for the men, but not often enough.  However, for a few occasions I have been able to describe a suit of clothes from the accounts and then have the satisfaction of seeing the same outfit reported, more or less accurately, in the Lady’s Magazine.  These are but small crumbs of comfort but they help.  The Times Court Circular is also quite good for costume descriptions.

In the meantime I hope visitors will try to amuse themselves by perhaps going back to some of my earlier blogs, which I can see have been much more lightly read then the later ones.  And please, if you have any comments or questions I would be delighted to see them and to respond.

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  1. Kathryn Kane says:

    Clearly you are wicked busy, as we say here in New England. :-)However, I was wondering if you had seen the post over at Jane Austen’s World about the upcoming "Dress for Excess" exhibition of Regency clothing at the Brighton Pavilion? And, do you know if any of your ancestor’s work will be in that exhibition?Happy researching!Regards,Kat

  2. Charles Bazalgette says:

    Hi Kat,Yes I saw the post and the blog by the student who had been working on some things for the exhibition. I don’t think any of Louis’ work will be there. I have never found a piece though these was so much of it that there must be some of it somewhere. I was in touch with the curator, Martin Pel a while ago, and even shared Louis’ accounts with him. Haven’t heard anything since though….Thanks for your good wishes and have fun with your projects.Charles

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