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There are, from 1786, occasional orders for pairs of BRETTELS, sometimes in silk at a guinea a pair, in the Prince‚Äôs accounts with his tailor. I wondered what these were, and until recently thought they were one of those accoutrements that might b… Continue reading

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Louis supplied the following to the Prince of Wales’ household in 1789:”To a striped silk Housewife filled with coloured silks, thread, needles & thimble for the Pages”. I was going to say that the housewife sounds like a bag, but that might be ta… Continue reading

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It is well known that George IV visited Edinburgh in 1822 and affected a fanciful highland dress for the occasion. However, I found that Louis made one for him in 1789. The accounts show 11 Jun To making a Highland dress 2/2/- 9 yds silk plaid t… Continue reading

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