The relationship of a gentleman (or, of course, a Prince) with his tailor is a unique one.  The tailor knows his client intimately, and instinctively knows how to make him look his best.  The Prince of Wales was very knowledgeable about cloth, clothes and tailoring, as his wife is famous for having pointed out.  He was also narcissistic and self-obsessed, and although some described him as a loyal friend one has to question their judgement given his heartless betrayals of former friends such as Sheridan.  However, the fact that he kept Louis as his personal tailor for 32 years suggests an extraordinary mutual trust and closeness that George must have had with very few men apart perhaps from his own brothers.

Joseph Farington in his diary records this anecdote of his friend Rossi, the sculptor:
July 2,1796. Smirke told me that Rossi was with the Prince of Wales to-day modelling a small head of him in the Uniform of the 10th regt. of Dragoons. Rossi waited 3 hours to-day before He was admitted, during which time the Prince was entirely engaged by a Shoe-maker, and two Taylors who succeeded each other. The Shoemaker carried in at least 40 pair of Boots, and was with the Prince an Hour while He was trying them. The first Taylor that was admitted, after many trials of patterns & cuttings was dismissed, not having given satisfaction. The other was then sent for. Rossi, yesterday waited 5 hours in vain.

This event took place after the Prince had met Brummel, and was exploring the new English style of dress, as made by English tailors. Louis continued to make his uniforms and other costumes for fifteen years after that.  The story demonstrates how demanding, and how fickle, the Prince was.  That makes it all the more unusual that he should have stuck with Louis for so long.  It suggests a loyalty, understanding and respect almost without equal, and great strength of personality on Louis’ part in being able to fulfill the Prince’s constant and exacting requirements over such a long period.

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