Good question.  Next?  Seriously though, it is happening.   I recently plugged in several of the new blogs and that seems to work, as I hoped it would.  I need to add more colour, like what was happening at the time in London and the rest of the world.  I also need to finish transcribing Louis’ accounts, which are only about 30% done.  Then there needs to be some detailed analysis of this important data and what it is telling us.  Then (need I go on?) some more passages like ‘A Morning at Carlton House’, which provide a more readable spin on the rather boringly factual stuff that forms the main body of the work.

I’m planning to self-publish, unless of course some publisher comes to me with a cheque book.  I think this unlikely because I’m not young, cute or female enough.  Of course, I also haven’t a PhD.  I like some features of FastPencil, but the editor software isn’t ideal for a non-fiction work, which needs things like tables and indexes. FastPencil offers POD though. I also like Smashwords, which seems to be better for an e-book if you don’t want POD, and you upload in Word format.  They then convert it to all the other e-book formats.  ScribD is another option and it has good community aspects, as well as the advantage that you can just upload in .PDF.  How readable it is afterwards remains to be seen.  CreateSpace looks good, especially as it is owned by Amazon.  For that reason it could be my best bet since the book would be available from what is now the world’s largest bookseller…

Watch this space.  Any advice is as usual most welcome!

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