The extravagances of the Prince Regent are well known, as are his love of excess in all things that gave him pleasure.  It is becoming apparent that apart from extreme dissolution his main passion, which took up a considerable part of every day of his life, was clothes.  Whether it was buying cloth from fashionable drapers, choosing his outfits, trying on Louis’ latest creations or designing yet another uniform, he thought of little else, unless it was the latest embellishments for Carlton House or the Brighton Pavilion.

The effect of this massive spending was that by 1795 he had no choice but to apply to the King and Parliament to pay his debts.  We know that Louis was his largest creditor, so he was certainly instrumental in bringing about this national crisis.  Prinny had no alternative but to agree to the King’s terms, which were that in exchange for payment of his debts the Prince must marry Princess Caroline of Brunswick.  To be fair to King George III, it was not only that he wished for an heir, but also that Prinny would settle down and become a responsible adult. This was a fond hope of course. In the circumstances it’s not unreasonable to say that Louis in part brought about this disastrous marriage.

The child of this marriage, the intelligent, feisty and caring Princess Charlotte, had she not died in childbirth at the age of twenty, would certainly have become Queen instead of Victoria.  Now that would have been an even bigger alteration in the course of history, which would have been partly caused by the Prince’s devotion to his tailor.

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