22 Lower Grosvenor Street (with the awnings), photographed in the 1890’s before the house was demolished. [Survey of London]

Louis Bazalgette was in partnership with two others while trading as ‘Taylors and Drapers’ at the Lower Grosvenor Street property, and perhaps earlier, but we cannot be certain when this partnership began, though it was probably in 1792, when Louis changed the name on his accounts from ‘Louis Bazalgette, Taylor’ to ‘Louis Bazalgette & Co, Taylors’.  These partners were Peter Francis De Nedonsel of James Street and Thomas Smith, of Park Street, Grosvenor Square, both described as ‘Taylor, Dealer and Chapman’.  A Pierre François Nedonsel was born in Volckerinckhove, Nord, France in May 1757, to Pierre and Eustasia Nedonsel, but died in infancy. It was not uncommon for the next son to be named for the baby who died, thus bringing the name back to life, as it were.  This name is so unusual that it is almost certain to be the man.  This partnership was dissolved in 1795.

 January 29, 1795
Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership between Louis Bazalgette, Peter Francis Denedonsel, and Thomas Smith, of Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Square, in the County of Middlesex, Taylors, in this Day dissolved by mutual Consent; and all Debts owing by the said Partnership will be paid by the said Louis Bazalgette, and all Debts due and owing thereto will be received by him and Mr. Dawson, Solicitor, 37, Warwick Street, Golden Square, who are authorized to receive the same.
Louis Bazalgette.
P. F. Denedonsel.
Tho. Smith.
[London Gazette]

 Both of these men were then declared bankrupt, so the dissolution ‘by mutual Consent’ does not quite ring true.  It is possible that the two were cheating Louis, and that he quite generously offered them the option of a ‘mutual’ parting instead of taking them to court.  They then either declared bankruptcy because they had to sell everything to make restitution, or as a stratagem to avoid having all of their assets seized.  It may also be that as the Prince was ordering fewer clothes from Louis by this time, this was a downsizing of the business.  Louis seems to have learned from this experience, as no record of later partnerships has been found. Louis was associated with Thomas Shepperd later, but probably as an employer rather than as a partner.


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