For my blog entitled ‘A Morning at Carlton House’ I knew the facts, such as the people, places (and garments) involved.  My main headache was working out the logistics of transporting the clothes.  My original idea was rather logical, I thought, and involved a modification to the carriage so that a large rail carrying all of the clothes could fit into sockets inside, and then be carried into Carlton House on the assistants’ shoulders, to be rested on two stands inside the building, kept set up for the purpose.

The only flaw in this is that the necessary clothes hangers would not be invented for at least another thirty years.  We think of such a thing as odd, since the hanger is such a simple device, but there it goes.  No hangers, so no rail.  I was interested to see a clothes stand in my header picture, with a frock coat on it, so the hanger is the next step.  Incidentally, this coloured etching is by William Heath, and shows the Regent applying rouge, while someone who looks like John McMahon is trying to tighten his corset.  The monkey sitting on top of the mirror is aping the Prince’s wig.  On a little shelf on the left there is a spike bearing many unpaid bills.  I was hoping to find a more contemporary engraving showing a tailor with the Prince, and I think I have seen one somewhere, so maybe it will turn up eventually.

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